About us: 

We sell automobiles, franchise businesses, facilitate relocation services, and broker yachts internationally.   Our Exclusive and Featured Listings are hot ticket items, therefore we are always accepting  new listings upon Broker Price Opinion(BPO) and/or marketability survey . Sheldons Brokerage House LLC. provides rapid marketing solutions coupled with the most integrated hands-on brokering experience that the brokering services industry has to offer.

We come with loads of expertise, ensuring each EXCLUSIVE is promulgated according to plan and professionally closed.  We have oceans of certainty when it comes to our brokering facilitation. Our preferred vendor account(s) will optimize your postive experience here at out firm. We list to sell, we represent buyers to secure their postive asset procurements, and have to act as dual-agent(s) in order to get the jobs done on time and according to plan.  

We love our customers & clients alike; and we love helping them simply achieve their objective(s). We are absolutely looking forward to being your choice for a full service/full scale Brokerage Firm. Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or potential deals you or your company has for us.
 Sheldons Brokerage HOUSE LLC.
                       Founded in Spring of 2017 in Tacoma, WA
Dealership #1:  7030 Tacoma Mall Blvd. 
                           Tacoma, WA 98409

Toll Free 1-866-684-235