Bryce Sheldon

Sales Professional  

Cell: 253-250-9328
Professional Experience
Right now Bryce is in the consumer goods industry. He sells directly to his customers. Bryce has the ability and skill to convey particular benefits of a product where the perceived value out weights the price or initial investment. Bryce has fun at what he does and enjoys what he does. If you are looking to get into the business of sales or looking for a change, a solution, or just some plain old advice from Bryce then please feel free to reach out to him right away. Be great, be amazing, be awesome!  

  • 7 years experience
  • Expert  Sales Skills 
  • Bryce has helped a lot of people get what they want 
  • Call Bryce on your lunch hour 
  • Northwest Region 
  • Open minded individual
  • Choose Bryce because he works the hardest, is fun to be around, and gets results.
  • Bryce likes to go to the gym